Generating projects

The main role of Project Generation Facility (PGF) as a tool is to help the potential beneficiaries of EU funds who do not have enough experience in creating project proposals nor human and financial resources available and in that way to contribute in the capacity development of the Roma community and to ensure that the projects who benefit the Roma are granted. One of the main activities for PGF is generating project ideas. Тhe goal is to develop the generated project ideas through assistance in the process of creating and submitting of project proposals and create project proposals that will contribute to the social inclusion of Roma.

You may also contribute! Submit a project idea right now by filling out the project idea form.

Support in the process of creating and submitting of project proposals in PGF is provided by Service Providers (PGF SP). PGF SPs work with the Beneficiaries on the development of project proposals for EU funding for the benefit of Roma. Beneficiaries in PGF are organizations that compete with projects for EU funding independently or in partnership, including central or/and local institutions, public service organizations, formal or/and non formal CSOs (especially Roma), international organizations and private corporations.

The chosen PGF SPs for Project Generation Facility are: Julieta Memedova, Daniel Petrovski, Fatima Osmanovska, Risto Karajkov, Ramco Kundevski, Neshat Azemovski, Mila Carovska, Katerina Milenkova – Trajceva, Zurija Sait, Dragana Mitrovik, Erol Ademov, Elvis Fazlioski, Deniz Osmani.

Submit an idea


Download the project idea form You can send the filled out form to the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.