Macedonian Center for International Cooperation - MCIC

mcms-logoMCIC’s vision is peace, harmony and prosperity for people in Macedonia, the Balkans and globally. MCIC encourages and leads changes by influencing and mainstreaming new and alternative solutions to the societal problems.

MCIC is guided in its work by the principles of participation, transparency and accountability, partnership, tolerance, entrepreneurship, sustainability and equal approach.

MCIC has defined its target groups: women and girls; ethnic and religious communities; children and young; peasants; people with special needs and institutionalized people; marginalized groups. The priority is put on the groups with several levels of marginalization. The target area of MCIC is the entire territory of Republic of Macedonia, whereas parts of the activities are realized in the region of the Balkans.


Initiative for Social Change – InSoC

insoc-logoInitiative for Social Change – InSoC is an association of citizens established in March 2009. InSoC’s vision is ASCEND of each individual and the society as a whole, which implies building values towards sustainable development of the democratic values, rule of law, human rights and human capital, through social change and equitable national development.

The work of InSoC includes work on changes in the social structures, behaviours, relations, groups and movements, as well as normative changes directed towards building values.

The aim of InSoC is that each individual in the society reaches the maximal potential of individual development, and at the same time the society consisted of these self-realized individuals functions harmoniously in direction of sustainable development. In its work InSoC uses established methods of active citizenry, as well as innovative and contemporary methods.

Basic principle of the work of InSoC is to apply the values it promotes: democracy, rule of law, human rights and human capital, respecting the human rights based approach, which entails direct link with the human rights, accountability in the work, empowerment of individuals and groups and their participation, as well as equal opportunities with particular focus on the vulnerable groups, especially Roma.

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