Support for the Roma organizations for preparing project proposals

Twenty-two participants from the Roma organizations (“Bairska svetlina” from Bitola, “Cherenja” and “Humanitarian Assosiation of Young Roma” from Stip, “Avena” and “Equal for all” from Kocani, “Ternipe MK” from Delcevo, “Ambrela” from Skopje as well as a participant from the Local economic development sector from the municipality od Prilep, on 29 and 30 October 2013 in Skopje attended the Workshop for preparing project proposals, which will be submitted to FOOM, SIOFA and other different donors present in Macedonia.

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“InSoC and MCIC in the current year, unselfishly, professionally and detail, with “wide open doors” are continuing their cooperation with the Roma organizations in the Republic of Macedonia”, said Ms. Zaklina Paunovska-Angelkovic from CSO “Equal for all” from Kocani. According to her, during the delivering of this trainings on which the participants gained professional surveillance, directions and upgrading of their work, the capacities of the Roma organizations are strengthening and they are approaching closer to the funds available for their application.

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The representatives from the CSO ‘Ambrela” from Skopje, are satisfied of the workshop, too. “I think that this workshops are rely useful because we, from the civil society organizations, don’t have very large capacities and knowledge in line of preparing project proposals for IPA, EU and other funds available for application. Here, we have an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, and also this is a good occasion to make an agreement among us for mutual application on the calls which are relevant for our organizations” said Ms. Ljatife Sikovska from “Ambrela” from Skopje.

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At the workshop, the project ideas of the present organizations were developed into the project proposals. Also, the participants were provided with the instructions for completing the whole documentation need for applying.

This initiative was realized in the frame of the program Project Generation Facility-PGF Macedonia, financed by the Open Society Institute, Budapest, which contributes towards building the capacity of Roma in Macedonia, for their sustainable inclusion in the society. The workshop was facilitated by Valentina Chicheva from MCIC and Samet Skenderi from InSoC.

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